Alex has worked in the finance industry since 2007, he has experience in personal and commercial banking industry as well as providing financial advice to domestic, business and international clients with local and international banks. During his career as a Senior financial adviser Alex has provided investment advice for portfolio of clients exceeding $100 million of client funds. He is passionate about providing advice to both personal and business clients at all life stages ensure they make informed decisions about their financial goals.


Superannuation and Retirement Planning
- Retirement planning has two phases, accumulating and actually retiring
- Consolidating multiple account
- Contributions to super taking advantage of tax concessions
- Provide clarity and direction to build wealth and have income last thoughout your retirement
- Centrelink and aged pension assistance

- Identifying your financial goals and helping you navigate through the various investment options, structures, and features to designing an investment portfolio that suits your risk appetite and investment frame.
- Sourcing investment opportunities

- Protect yourself and family from unexpected events, death, serious injury or critical illness. Appropriate strategies can help prevent financial stress and maintain families quality of lifestyle.
- Life Insurance
- Total Permanent Disablement Insurance (TPD)
- Income Protection Insurance
- Trauma Insurance
- Review your existing insurances to ensure they are appropriate
- Cost effective ways to fund your insurances

Estate Planning
- Working with external professionals to ensure your wealth is distributed tax effectively and according to your wishes
- Provisions for minors and family members with special needs.


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